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Small & Mighty Event Rentals Plus, owned by wife and wife Alisshia and Doris Woods, is a Black Women, family-owned and operated, LGBTQIA2S+ friendly event decor and rental company that focuses on all events from Small to Mighty. In early 2020, while still working full-time, the Woods launched Small & Mighty Event Rentals Plus, allowing customers to rent tables and folding chairs for small events. Amid the height of the COVID-19 Pandemic, the couple noticed that family and friends continued to host parties and affairs, with the difference being they relocated to more intimate venues like their homes and backyards. This shift from hosting publically to privately created a more significant demand for Made with Love experiences, and Small & Mighty took notice.


Emerging from quarantine in 2023, Alisshia and Doris, originally from Detroit, Michigan, decided to shift focus and specialize in custom balloon setups and throne chair rentals only. Accordingly, Small & Mighty owner/lead balloon artist Doris took a few online courses and in-person classes to give the company a slight edge over other event designers. In addition, the company’s other co-owner, Alisshia, is the mastermind behind the couple’s balloon stability and design integrity. Her experience as an Engineer and a risk assessment expert provides structural integrity to every custom balloon project. 


With most clients, Doris visualizes the design, while Alisshia advises if the design is possible and the best way to build it for stability. Once Alisshia certifies the design elements, Doris can focus on being an artist. “Small & Mighty allows me to step into my artistic side. When I work with balloons, I feel like an artist with a paintbrush and canvas,” says Doris. Realizing this was key for the young, business-savvy couple raising two kids in the Pacific Northwest with their oldest back home in Michigan. 


By June of 2022, Small & Mighty was in high demand and contracted to provide custom balloons for Portland’s Pride Parade, which hosted upwards of 65,000 people. In 2022, Small & Mighty has provided custom balloons and throne chairs for Nike Moms, the Urban League of Portland, JJT Studios, Recording Artist Delgado, The Good in the Hood Parade, Lloyd Center projects, Project Lemonade, Contract Furnishing Mart, OMSI, The Portland Trailblazers, and many others. 


Today, Alisshia and Doris Woods are focused on building their brand and community while giving back to the communities they serve and love. Doris and Alisshia are members of many local community organizations, including The Washington County Chamber of Commerce, the Black Advisory Business Council of Washington, and the Black Business Association of Oregon. How can you support them? Follow their Instagram page, SmallandmightyERP, or visit their website for the latest updates and what's next for the team.

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